Lesser Amount can be Withdrawn for EPF Members Investment Scheme effective January 2014

Are you an EPF member who withdraw money out for investment scheme? Then, this is a very important news to you.

Effective January 2014, the minimum basic savings required in Account 1 was revised upward. This will affect all of YOU who withdrawn certain amount from EPF account 1 for eligible investment purpose. Higher limit means lesser money you can withdraw from EPF in the future.

How much will be increased?
Based on the chart below, the percentage increased can be as high as 64%. Generally, the increasing amount was at least 50% once you're age 27 onward.

How to calculate how much can I withdrawn from EPF account 1?

What's the different or impact?
Depending on your age and how much savings in account 1, the impact varies by members. For better explanation, please see example below:

Finance Malaysia hopes this post can enlighten you on EPF members investment scheme withdrawal. You may share this to your friends. Thanks.


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