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The Magpies of Ananda

Introduction of Newcastle United F.C:No. 1 fan based club (north-east england) Most popular football club in 90's (not anymore in 21st century) One of the most wealthy club (50million pounds world's record for Shearer) Relegated last season Just when everyone starting to forget Newcastle United, someone, somewhere shown his interest to be the next successor of the club - hopefully. South-east Asia's 3rd richest man worth 4.5billion pounds - Ananda Krishnan - has jumped to head the queue to buy Newcastle.

To add-on, the owner of Tanjong, Astro, Maxis, TGV cinemas... see this as an golden opportunity to expand his empire into Euro land. Is this really a business, or merely of football fan ?As I know, A.K was not a die hard football fan, who are willing to fork out millions of pounds. I would believe if it was Tony Fernandes (AirAsia boss). Something must be in A.K's mind instead, and it maybe:Huge betting businesses in England?This is the only reason gone through my head.