Why Gold and Silver? Why Online Store?

Are you first time gold and silver buyers? Why don't you invest in these popular metals? If you did so, you have had a wonderful investing experience after 2008 global financial crisis. But, do you really understand these metals? Were they really precious (especially now)?

Traditionally, gold and silver were one form of exchange. Because of the invention of fiat money, they were being turned into some short of "back-up" currency, in case our fiat money system go burst. It's natural when things go wrong, gold and silver tends to appreciate in value. In other words, people hold precious metals to preserve the value of their assets.

3 Reasons Why Gold and Silver...

  1. Still hot in demand, especially by emerging affluent Chinese. Traditionally, Chinese loves gold. They bought it for events such as new born baby, new year, wedding and even funeral ceremony.
  2. Strengthening USD ??? Yes. It's a correct reason also. Why? Because of news that US going to stop QE3, USD is strengthening so much. But, we must not forget that Europe is still printing money. Then, how about Japan who jump into the bandwagon of money printing?
  3. Simply for portfolio diversifying purpose. As a rule of thumb, 10% of our investment portfolio should allocate to precious metals like gold and silver. When everything goes haywire, precious metals tends to react reversely positive.

Alternative Distributing Channel...
Other than the commonly seen channel like banks and goldsmiths, have you ever think about online purchase? Why?

  1. Normally, it's cheaper because it does not need to open a shop and employ security guard.
  2. Convenient. You can view and select with the pleasure of your time, comfortably at home.
  3. Safe delivery. It's depend. But, I will feel safer if it delivers to my doorstep, instead of going to purchase at goldsmith. Do you know someone might be following you?

Of course, some of you may skeptical about the reliability of the online store. You may try it with small purchase first (test the water before diving in). On this matter, one of the most popular online store in town was SilverMalaysia.com which already features in major dailies with wide media coverage. You may open an account, then explore further.

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