New Fund: Hwang AIIMAN Select Income

After the successful performance of AIIMAN series and the superb proven track record of Hwang Select Income fund, it's natural for Hwang to launch this new fund by riding on the story of these.

What is the Hwang AIIMAN Select Income fund?
This is a Shariah-compliant mixed asset (conservative) income unit trust fund that seeks to provide investors with regular income stream through Shariah-compliant investments. It also serves as an alternative investment for investors looking to diversify their portfolio into the fast growing Sukuk market and attractive Shariah-compliant equity market.

What it offers you?

  1. Potentially Stable Returns and Regular Income by investing in prudently selected Sukuk and quality dividend yielding equities.

  2. Peace of Mind: Managed at Low Volatility rates. It aims to deliver positive returns at low volatility rates through various market cycles.

  3. A Diversified and Shariah-compliant Investment. Potential for enhanced return due to the opportunity to tap into new attractive Shariah-compliant investment in view of growing demand for Islamic securities, growth fueled by ample liquidity in the Gulf Corporation Council (GCC) and Asia, coupled with the increasing sovereign Sukuk issuers.

Source: HwangIM


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