The Snow Storm Disaster

As three feet of snow blanket Boston, the Administration tries to push their "climate change" agenda, as if anything of substance could result from that.  There is no scientific evidence that weather patterns are changing materially, but that doesn't keep the Obama folks from pointing to every weather-related problem as more evidence of climate change.

One wonders why the infrastructure in America is not built up to withstand these storms and help the public resist them.  The answer?  There is no money left.  The liberal agenda, mainly the entitlements, have not only taken top priority, but will eventually absorb more than any possible tax revenues could ever provide.

One of the many downsides of the entitlement world is much, much slower economic growth.  Entitlements destroy private savings, reduce and eliminate work incentives, and make personal responsibility a remnant of antiquity.  A record number of Americans now live off of social security disability payments and that trend is only in its infancy.

Once the government promises to care for our every need, it loses the ability to provide basic services -- such as protection from natural disasters.  Why was there no protective flood wall in New Orleans to protect its citizens from Katrina?  Why?  Because the money that should have been available was drained off for entitlements and social services.  Why aren't there widespread use of generators in the Northeast so that citizens don't have to huddle without power for days in subzero weather?  Why?  Because who can afford generators with public service costs, including health care, spiraling out of control.  Government services aren't cheap.  Check out the post office.

Today, the government increasingly determines the priorities of what goods and services will be provided to the American public.  Infrastructure, generally, is a loser.  Gradually, but certainly, the historic role of government to provides roads, courts and national defense will wither away.  It is no accident that sequestration strikes hardest at the defense department.  In time, America will lose the ability to defend itself militarily.  That seems to be Obama's plan.

So, don't be surprised if, increasingly, Americans are buffeted by natural disasters that they are unprepared for, foreign wars that they are unprepared for, and infrastructure that is simply corroding away as more and more Americans become wards of the state.


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