What's Wrong for an Economist to Predict the Upcoming Election?

I am writing this post during midnight after I came across a report saying that Bank Islam chief economist suspended after predicting that opposition will win the upcoming election. As usual, Finance Malaysia would NOT include political elements in its blog post. And, we would like to stress here again, that we are discussing this topic WITHOUT any political elements. Then, what are we talking here?

I knew that I could not sleep if I didn't speak up for En. Azrul Anwar. We are not here to defend anyone, neither to offend any parties. But, we should open up our mind, and accept other opinions with open heart. In this matter, the said bank is losing its credibility and reputation by suspending one of its key staff --- just because of his prediction. Why can't he speak freely? Will the bank lose its banking license because of this?

Does he answer the question wrongly? NO... It's a prediction only, there is no right or wrong here.

Everyone knew that political changes is the key risk for Malaysian economy this year. Can an economist avoid this topic? Or, should they answer the same question with the same biased answer? Otherwise, who will listen to their opinions? Then, why a company hires an economist to represent them in the first place?

Funny... That's why Finance Malaysia blog is another channel for investors and readers to get 3rd party opinions and views. Blogging industry will prosper even faster, because the demand is there. Readers DO NOT want to read biased newspaper or news portal anymore. Thanks for your support. Finance Malaysia supports Azrul Anwar.


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