Republicans Go Over the Cliff

Too often, Democrats get blamed for our national debt problems and the economic stagnation that has come to characterize the US economy.  Republicans deserve their share of the blame.

Who provided the votes necessary to escape considering our debt problems at the start of this year?  Speaker Boehner violated the "Hastert Rule" and let the Senate bill come up for a vote which raised taxes.  48 Republicans then voted for the bill.  A solid victory for Obama.  A solid defeat for the American taxpayer.  And, who engineered this?  Republicans.  Ditto for the emergency pork bill that passed the House last week.  Once again, with Boehner's concurrence, Republicans provided the necessary votes to pass this abomination as well.

Yesterday, Republicans announced unilateral pre-emptory capitulation before the White House by pledging to extend the debt ceiling for three months in exchange for the usual -- nothing.

What is the difference between a Republican majority in the House of Representatives and a Democrat majority?  The answer -- nothing at all.

You get the same legislation, the same bad economic policy.  There is absolutely no difference.

Republicans object that the polls show that the public is on Obama's side.  What did the polls show, then and now, about Obamacare as Obama jammed his unpopular health care through the Congress?  It showed that Obamacare was unpopular then and unpopular now.  But, did that matter?  No

Obama saw it through.  Say what you will.  The Democrats believe in what they are pushing.  The Republicans don't and it shows.  Small wonder that Republicans have trouble getting their voters to the polls.  Why bother?


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