The Joy of Giving Other People's Money Away

We've all heard about the joy of giving, but what if the money that we are giving away is someone else's money?  Wow! What a thrill.  That's the attitude of the Charlottesville City Council as they parcel out taxpayer money with little or no thought.  After all, they reason, these are only small amounts of money.  There is, of course, no concern by the City Council that the money that they are giving away so blithely is not their money, but taxpayer money.  Here is the URL for this amazing story:

The attitude expressed by City Council members in Charlottesville is typical of liberal attitudes everywhere towards taxpayer money.  Dole it out to your friends with reckless abandon.  Just multiply all the numbers in the article by 10 million and you have the US government, the government of California, Illinois, Greece, Spain, Italy, etc.  It is easy to be charitable and caring when you are spending other people's money.  It is far less easy to be charitable when spending your own.  That is why Romney's tax return shows that he gives four times as much of his money to charity as do the Obamas.  Charity to Obama is spending the hard earned dollars of people who don't agree with him.  Romney's idea of charity is to give his own money, not the money of others.

Herein is the great divide in America:  Does charity begin at home or is charity the looting of your neighbor's pocket to give money to those that you favor?


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