Folly in Massachusetts

Health care costs have gone through the roof since Massachusetts adopted its own version of Obamacare during the reign of Governor Mitt Romney.  The original legislation was bi-partisan.  Now, a bi-partisan majority of the Massachusetts legislature is poised to 'fix' the cost problem.  Pay heed, because this is where the national Obamacare is headed.

The legislature will vote today to remove $ 200 billion in costs over the next 15 years.  How will they do this?  By simply telling hospital and doctors that they are now going to pay less for health care services.  Seems so simple doesn't it.  Why don't we do that with everything?  Heck why not just make health care free in Massachusetts by telling hospitals and doctors that we just won't pay anything at all.  That way, Massachusetts' version of Obamacare won't cost anyone anything.


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