The Supreme Court

Conservatives are castigating John Roberts for joining with four liberals to provide a path to constitutionality for Obamacare.  Why pick on him?  When Republicans are in political control, they do exactly the same thing.

Ever hear of "Americans for Disability Act," "The Prescription Drug Bill," "No Child Left Behind," etc.  These are Republican initiatives passed by Republicans.  Who were the biggest critics of Sarah Palin after she was the Republican nominee for VP?  Karl Rove and Peggy Noonan -- two Republicans.  What was her crime?  She didn't read the NY Times and thought Russsia was across the Bering Straights (which it is).

Who coined the phrase "voodoo economics" to describe the Reagan tax cut plan?  A conservative Republican, that's who.  What Governor recently followed the advice of four liberal Democrats, against the advice of conservatives, to try to destabilize the University of Virginia?  A conservative Republican that's who.

So, why pick on Roberts?  Other than Scott Walker, Mitch Daniels, and Chris Christie, what other Republicans have made any effort at all to roll back the reach of government when  they had the chance?

Republicans are only for limiting the reach of government, when they are out of office trying to get in.  Once in, they behave like Democrats.  So don't pick on Roberts, he's just following tradition.  Isn't that what Supreme Court justices are supposed to do?


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