Jackson Jr Promotes More Job Losses

Jesse Jackson Jr, a Congressman from Illinois, has a new idea to kill off some more jobs.  He wants to raise the minimum wage from its current level, $ 7.25, to $ 10.  As if unemployment, especially among youth, isn't high enough!

Remember what a $ 10 minimum wage law says.  It says that it is against the law to hire anyone that you intend to pay less than $ 10 per hour.  It outlaws a transaction between employer and potential employee.  Basically, it makes criminals out of employers who offer jobs.  So, why offer jobs anyway?

Jackson, of course, is among America's wealthiest individuals, which is typical of people that propose things like this that cut the legs out from under the poorest amongst us.  What does he care if another million or so join the ranks of the unemployed?  Might give him another voter or two.

If you want more apples, make it against the law to buy one for less than $ 10 apiece.  That should do a lot for the consumption of apples!   That's the Jesse Jackson Jr way to increased apple production.


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