Two More Wealthy Supporters of "Tax the Rich"

Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin, a staunch defender of the Buffett rule raising taxes on the rich, has renounced his American citizenship to become a citizen of Singapore.  That way, any tax increases on the rich won't apply to him.  I can't wait for his next "fairness" interview on why the rich should pay their fair share.

Meanwhile, Mark Zuckerberg, another advocate of Obama's "tax the rich" scheme has arranged a tax-avoidance trust to escape massive amounts of estate and gift taxes.  Zuckerberg's and a half dozen other Facebook "luminaries," according to today's Wall Street Journal's story, are all using "a perfectly legal maneuver" to avoid taxes.

So much for the various hypocrites like Warren Buffett, Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin and others (including Bill and Hillary Clinton, by the way).  They know they won't have to pay the taxes that the "tax the rich" Obama crowd is pushing for, so they support, not only Obama, but the hypocritical "Buffett rule."

It must be easy to advocate that other people "pay their fair share," when you know you won't have to do the same.


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