The Big Corporations

The President continues to attack the "big corporations" and promotes his concern for the "middle class."  But who owns the big corporations?  When the big corporations make obscene profits, who gets them.  The answer -- middle class Americans.  Yes, middle class Americans own the big corporations, mostly through their pension funds.  So, an attack on "big corporations" is an attack on the retirement hopes and dreams of middle class Americans.

What the attack on "big corporations" doesn't do is reduce the excessive compensation of senior executives of the big corporations.  After all, these senior executives are mostly Democrats and support the President, so let them keep all the perks and obscene compensation that we can arrange for them.  Instead let's go after the big corporations' owners -- the middle class.  Let's chop them up.

This parallels the President and his allies approach to big financial institutions.  Let's make them too big to fail, so that their senior executives can be guaranteed a future.  Meanwhile, let's discourage them from making loans to lower and middle income Americans -- after all, that is "predatory" lending. But, it is okay to lend to rich people and business that are already prospering and to give tax dollars to businesses that promote intiatives the president likes (think Solyndra).

The rhetoric used by the President to promote the "middle class" is a mask to hide the daily assault on the future of middle and lower middle income Americans by this administration and its allies.  The rich have nothing to fear from Obama's attack on big corporations and financial institutions (that's why rich folks mostly support Obama), but the middle class will see their hopes and dreams for their future and the future of their children wither on the Obama vine, as he decries capitalism, big corporations and "the rich."


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