Personal Income Tax for YA2011

Many readers asking us why we did not update the Personal Income Tax Relief for year of assessment 2011, and below the table explain why. Nothing special, because the tax relief for YA2011 was the same as previous year (2010). So, FM would like to use back the same table posted last year here.

Personal Tax Relief for YA2011

Last year, some of YOU commented that the table shown was very convenient for YOU to refer to based on the color used for different kind of tax relief. I think there is none other than FM who differentiate that way. This has shown that FM strives to innovate for the benefits of readers. Haha.

Blue color          : Tax relief that we can adjust easily in our daily life
Green color    : Tax relief for property not rented out with S&P signed between 10/03/09-31/12/10
Yellow color       : Tax relief related to life insurance premium
Light Red color : Tax relief related to child

By the way, FM would like to express our gratitude for 900 Facebook Page Fans, who continues supporting us along the way. Yeah, it's YOU!!! Thank you very much.


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