They Won't MakeThat Mistake Again

Several states led by California and New York (two states whose irresponsible spending is spiraling the states toward bankruptcy) have gleefully announced a settlement amounting to $ 26 billion from banks that made the mistake of lending money to prospective home buyers in the last ten years. That is pretty evil, I suppose. Imagine the temerity of providing a loan to someone who was buying a home. That deserves a whopping fine.

One thing for certain, banks won't make that mistake again. From now on, these banks will take care to lend only to those who they are 100 percent certain will pay them back, which means mainly people who don't need the loan in the first place. For the rest of the borrowing public, this settlement will make it much more unlikely that they will be able to borrow to buy a home in the future.

It is worth noting that the most irresponsible states in the US led the charge to tag the banks. Next they will complain that banks don't loan enough to underserved communities. They will be right. Who in the world would willingly loan to the underserved after experiencing these kinds of fines. No one.


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