Is it Viable for EPF to support Subprime Loan? (Feb2012)

In 2008, we have seen the catastrophic effect from the subprime mortgage loan in US. Even now, US is still struggling to fully recover from their worst financial crisis since Great Depression. The problems doesn't build in one day, in fact, it took years to snowball the problem. And, yet Malaysia seems like wanting to catch up with them by supporting the subprime loan. But, the unique part of our version is "using EPF monies"?

When news first broke out last month that EPF would be channelling RM1.5bil for a special public housing scheme, alarm bells sounded off for many contributors. Maybe EPF already knew the result for last year performance, it announced later that contributors are getting a decade-high dividend rate of 6%. Salute to EPF. Since EPF are doing so good even without the said "loan", then, why EPF have to take the risk to loan out to this scheme?

Afterthat, EPF published a statement claiming that the money is loaned to the Government, not to individuals. All the proceeds will go through a special purpose vehicle of Federal Territories Foundation (SPV FT Foundation) where terms and conditions are set.

YOU must be kidding, very obvious the end borrower was individuals, not Government. Where does the risk comes from? Ultimately, the individual borrowers are the one who determine the survival of the scheme.

What EPF gets?
For us, the most important detail that's available is 5.5% profit. The rest, it's very surface only without much details, such as the process of borrowers selections, criteria for loan application, and a lot of what if... Transparency is not there either.

No worry, Government can GUARANTEE the scheme mah!!! Yet, another question comes in. How does Government guaratee it? If something goes wrong to EPF monies, Government will use its money to compensate EPF?

Wait... Doesn't Government money belong to us too?


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