Greeks Should Vote No

Why should the Greeks agree to the bailout terms of the EU? If I were a Greek citizen, I would vote no. There is simply no way that generations of Greeks should buy in to austerity to support bad decisions by Greek bondholders. Default is the right answer -- for everyone -- not just for Greece.

If Greece defaults, and that doesn't necessarily mean leaving the Euro (any more than when Illinois defaults, which it will, that it means Illinois will leave the US dollar zone), then and only then can Greece, on its own, begin to correct the absurd government policies that have wrecked their economy. They have to reach this realization on their own. It cannot be forced from outside.

Greece is just the first gong in a series of bells that will ring of default through the Western world. No one, no one, can afford the economic policies that Europe has adopted over the past half century. Why the present US administration wants to emulate this disastrous course is not clear.

The idea that health care, retirement, education, housing, minimum wages, right to sue for virtually any absurd reason that one can dream up are all rights that must be provided to every citizen free of charge is so absurd as to hardly call for discussion. But these are the very policies that the Western world has adopted. Now, Europe and the US will have to live with the consequences and they are not pretty.

Again, Asia (ex-Japan), has not adopted the foolish policies of the West. Asia will achieve economic supremacy and fairly quickly as the West descends into the economic chaos that it has brought upon itself by the foolish view that government can provide all things to all people free of charge.


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