Disaster after US rating downgrade? (8 Aug 2011)

The news that S&P downgrading US credit rating shows that rating agencies are doing their job fairly. Previously, rating agencies were blamed by Greece and Europe countries for downgrading their ratings when Greece facing rising debt issue. Though, US did not spare this round when S&P downgrade US AAA rating to AA+ (one notch lower).

What would be the implications?
Normally, the downgraded currency will slump, sovereign bonds will become less attractive by carrying higher degree of risk, hence pushing up the yields. Does US follow these theory? NO.

Why US is different?
USD will not fall much like Euro. First, USD is one of the safest asset, along with gold, during economic uncertainties. That's why USD was chosen as the world's most widely traded currency. During uncertainties (like now), investors are scare and they pull-out from equities around the world. But, where did they put the cash? USD is the answer mainly because it is widely used globally and of high liquidity.

Bond Yield will not jump like Greece's. Second, when the demand for USD is still there, US treasury bonds' yield will remain (or even fall). Continuing from previous question, where would you place your money, if it must be denominated in USD? Treasury bond or Cash Deposit? Definitely treasury bonds which still can give you around 2.5% yield (10 years US treasury).

The remaining AAA rated currency by there of the largest rating agencies.

How is the currency market would be?
Finance Malaysia believes that USD will weaken against major currencies which were rated AAA, but will strengthen against other non-AAA countries (including Malaysia). You may refer to the table above to gauge which currency should perform better in the near term.


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