Is He Dumb or Devious?

Obama's press conference today was masterful -- Mr. Niceguy, pleading for reason. If you do what he wants, you virtually guarantee a generation or two of economic stagnation and a potential total collapse of the US economy within a dozen years. But, listening to him, you would think that all all is well, except for the intransigence of a few (Republican) politicians intent on helping the super rich.

Surely he knows better. Getting millionaires and billionaires to pay more taxes isn't even one of the options, given the tax code. Raising tax rates simply guarantees economic stagnation, as potential employers shift assets around to avoid the taxman. So much for job creation.

Obama seems to want to usher in a permanent decline in US economic growth. we come. Is he watching the Eurozone? They have already adopted the Obama plan.

Maybe, just maybe, economic stagnation is the real goal of this Administration.


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