Boeing and Obama

The Obama NLRB has intervened in Boeing's business decision to locate a plant in South Carolina. Why? South Carolina is a "right-to-work" state, meaning that South Carolina law doesn't force unwilling employees to join a union that they don't want to join. Freedom is a crime, according to the NLRB. Thus, an ordinary business decision is now a subject of litigation.

No doubt, other countries would be happy to provide a site for the plant that the NLRB doesn't want to see located in South Carolina. In effect, the NLRB is pushing American companies to outsource major sections of their business, unless they are willing to unionize their work force. So much for freedom.

You begin to wonder if this is part of a grander plan. Force the US economy to its knees by foolishness like the Boeing decision and push American jobs to foreign countries and foreign workers. Meanwhile, do everything possible to restrict free trade in products -- e.g. the Obama Administration's refusal to push the Columbia trade agreement to the finish line. Maybe this Administration really doesn't want the US economy to recover.

I have always thought the Obama economic policies resulted simply from stupidity, but the Boeing decision is so damaging to job creation (other businesses are watching) and such a government grab for power and influence over business, that it makes you wonder what the real end game is for the Obama Administration?


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