Post-Japan Disaster: After Timber, it's Glove Sector?

As per our previous posts (How Should Investors trade after the Japanese Disaster?), we wrote about timber counters, and it's proven the right sector investors should look at. And, below is the performance of those mentioned counters.

All of them outperformed KLCI, which recorded -2.20%. Why WTK outperformed its peers? Simple answer is its cheaper share price and better liquidity. In fact, TaAnn and WTK is the main focus because they export 80-90% of their products to Japan. This puts them in the limelight of stocks investors should look at for the moment.

Why should you look at Glove sector next?
After timber, glove sector should outperformed the generally weak market sentiment. Investors are scared. Those who already bought was stuck-in there. Those who already sold was staying sidelined. And, those who dare to buy now is focusing on timber stocks only - and today glove.

Main reasons were:
  1. Demand for medical glove is expected to increase substantially. After the disaster, Japan should be facing another problem - outbreak of diseases. Because of the wet and dirty condition after tsunami, diseases tends to spread easily and this could intensify the demand for gloves being used by medical personnel and public in general.
  2. Stronger USD. One of the setback for our glove makers is weakening of USD which could harm the export market to US. Post-Japan disaster, USD was expected to strengthen in line with "flight to safety" strategy employed by global investors. This is an advantage, or in fact, the turning point for our glove makers.

With these two important factors, glove sector should be on investors' radar in the near future. Indeed, you do not have much choice in this kind of market where everything seems going down hill. Either you stay sidelined, or brace the storm to invest in these counters. And, my personal stock-picks would be Supermax due to its attractive valuation and good liquidity.

Finance Malaysia urged all Japanese to stay strong, and we will support you from afar. We are living in the same planet. We are 1 actually.


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