New Fund: Public Islamic Infrastructure Bond Fund

Public Islamic Infrastructure Bond Fund is an Islamic bond fund that seeks to provide annual income to investors through investments in sukuk of companies in the infrastructure sector.

The fund allows investors to access the sukuk market, which is usually inaccessible to the average investor as it is a market for institutions where the standard transaction lot is RM5 million. Sukuk issued by companies in the infrastructure sector are generally underpinned by predictable cash flows and stable income stream over the respective issuer's concession period. Example, companies with power plant concessionaires, telecommunication service providers, toll-road concessionaires and port operators.

The fund invests up to 98% of its NAV in a portfolio of sukuk of companies involved in the infrastructure sector and the balance of its assets in Islamic money market instruments. To achieve increased diversification, the fund may invest up to 25% of its NAV in foreign sukuk, which includes Singapore, United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, Hong Kong and other permitted markets.

The fund is suitable for investors seeking the stability of annual income with some safety of principal via participating in sukuk issued by companies in the infrastructure sector.

Source: Public Mutual


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