New Fund: CIMB-Principal Australian Equity Fund

"Add stability to your portfolio, Invest in the strengths of Australia"

This is the tagline for the new fund, which is aiming to outperform the S&P/ASX 200 Accumulation Index over the medium to long-term, by feeding into Schroder Australian Equity Fund (an Australian-domiciled fund).
The fund will invest at least 95% of net asset value (NAV) in Schroder Australian Equity Fund, emphasising on investment in companies with sustainable competitive advantage in the long term, with a targeted annual return of 10-15%. According to its CEO Campbell Tupling, the Australian market presented exciting opportunities as it was the only major economy that had avoided a technical recession in 2009.

Key selling points:
  1. Australia's positive economic outlook, with strong AUD currency.
  2. Continue strong demand for its resources, especially from China.
  3. Sound governance and effective financial policies.
Minimum invesment : RM 1,000
Minimum top-up      : RM   200
Service charge         : up to 6.5%
Initial offer price       : 25 sen


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