Choosing the Right Investment Tactic

2008 share market around the globe had fallen 30-80%. Lately, market can't wait anymore, and had started to point the opposite direction instead. Given the vast investment opportunities, which are the best options for you to choose from?

First of all, investors must know the first-mover in-case market rebound. First-mover here refer to those companies which benefit when economy recovered. Blue-chips stocks are what you should focusing on because of the following reasons:
  1. High Liquidity, where foreign or institutional investors can buy or sell their shares easily, without controlling too much of the share price.
  2. Good Reputation, like Genting and IOI, are well-known in the market, which always fall into the radar of investors globally.
  3. Industry's Icon, like Sime Darby which is an iconic company of Plantation sector. Should plantation sector revive, you can't deny it.
Secondly, choosing the right sector.
Some will come first, some will come second, and some will come last.
Sometimes it's hard to identify the prefer sector to invest. Choosing the wrong sector could jeopardise your investment return given a certain time-frame.
So, select carefully.

Hints: Which sector will benefit most from a series of measures taken by Central Banks and Government?


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