New Fund: OSK-UOB Capital Protected Sector Strategy Fund

Yet, another capital protected fund for investors by OSK-UOB unit trust management. Following the pump priming efforts by governments around the world during the financial crisis, the global economies have begun to stabilize and signs of recovery are growing strong. The stimulus packages introduced have benefited broad market sectors to a different extent in each sector at each stage of recovery.

"At each stage of the economic recovery, different market sectors will benefit to a different extent. These 4 sectors which are well diversified are expected to capitalize on the different sectors' play", said Ho Seng Yee, CEO of OSK-UOB.

According to Ho, the fund shares a similar strategy with the OSK-UOB Capital Protected Gold Guru Fund that was launched in 2009 and has registered returns of 29%.

Funds' Allocation & Strategy

This is a 4-year close-ended capital protected fund which aims to provide capital appreciation over the medium term whilst protecting investors' capital on the maturity date. To accord for the capital protection feature, the fund will invest primarily in 4-year ZNIDs with the remainder of the capital raised invested in 4-year over-the-counter (OTC) option whose underlying asset is the Multi Sector Strategy ("Sector Option") to generate the returns for the fund.

The Multi Sector Strategy Option
It provides investors an exposure to 4 distinct market sectors represented by exchange traded funds in the Energy, Material, Financial and Consumer Discretionary sectors.

While the Sector Option is denominated in Ringgit Malaysia, the underlying Multi Sector Strategy is based in Singapore Dollars, thus, the Fund's return is subject to exchange rate risk.

Source: OSK-UOB unit trust management bhd

To read the fund's prospectus, please click here .

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